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Lori's Must Have Products

Happy Calm Focused 

Brain Supplement

This supplement gave me increased clarity, more energy, and helped decrease side effects from Methotrexate.  Please consult your physician before adding any supplement to your regime.

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Own Harmony

Callus Remover

I have tried many, many different types of callus removers over the years and this one is by far my favourite.  It is rechargeable and has a replacement roller with the purchase. Buying new replacement rollers is easy and can be done through Amazon.  

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Hot and Cold Therapy Pack

Like everything on this list I absolutely must have this hot/cold pack. I love that there are multiple sizes to choose from. It holds heat longer than any other pack I have tried.  I have one in each size.  A must have for every RA patient!

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Resistance Band

I was given my first Theraband by a physiotherapist when I was a child.  Since then I have always had a few on hand for using to maintain and build muscle.  Therabands provide a low impact option for building strength.  The option to tighten the band or lossen it is something that free weights do not offer.  Choose the tension that best suits you!

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Revlon Wax Warmer

Paraffin Wax Treatment

This is another product that I began using as a child. Back then my parents warmed the wax on the stove top using a coffee can.  these warmers are so much nicer!

I often do a wax treatment prior to doing hand exercieses, then after the exercise session I ice my hands and wrists with the Corpak ice packs.  

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Healthy Feet Cream

Part of my nightly routine is to cream my feet with this.  It keeps my feet smooth in between callus treatments with the Own Harmony Callus Remover.  By far the best foot cream I have ever used.  

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