Tiny Souls


In April I said "see you later" to my furbaby, my companion, and undoubtedly a soul teacher and mate. Rylee was always there for me, guiding me when I was lost and rejoicing when I was found. She made me laugh every day in those big round eyes I saw the pure joy my laughter brought her. I grew...

Today is "World Arthritis Day" a worldwide day dedicated to recognizing the various forms of arthritis and the individuals who live with it.



I am struggling to find motivation to do anything other than sit on the couch in a blanket and glue my eyes to the television to numb a mind that is in a billion different places but no where in particular.

This blog post has been inspired by a post I came across on Instagram from @mamafindinghermagic in which she spoke of the importance of loving our bodies. Loving MY body was a foreign concept to me for the majority of my life.